Are you an experienced bankcard professional that cares about building relationships more than selling overpriced equipment leases? Are you the kind of representative who enjoys face to face servicing and taking care of customer’s needs? If so, consider joining the Streamline Payments team.

Our company culture is all about building strong relationships with our customers. Those relationships build confidence in the industry and bring referrals that help grow your residual stream. We boast an average representative tenure of nearly a decade, and our merchants process twice the industry average. Plus, all of our representatives are salaried W2 employees eligible for health benefits. Salaries over time convert to lifetime residuals, making Streamline Payments the premier home for bankcard professionals.

Our representatives are empowered to set pricing, solve problems and make decisions on their own. We foster an energetic and positive environment by eliminating overbearing procedures. Gone are the days of constantly clearing things with the “head office.” It makes for streamlined service, happy customers and healthier paychecks.

Streamline Payments’ industry standing along with our portfolio scale makes it possible to bring savings to thousands of clients across the country. Our customers benefit from using the nation’s largest and most reliable card processing platforms, with next day funding speed. While many in our industry are experiencing the perceived race to the bottom and commoditization of card processing, we are firmly positioned with the products, pricing and capabilities to continue being a winning player.

Our proprietary software suite greatly enhances our integration and customization capabilities.This tool makes it easy for our sales partners to attract a great multitude of vertical markets and has become very popular in the B to B merchant space. We specialize in interchange optimization. Streamline has dedicated developers on staff, and our support personnel are ready to help you close that important customer. These tools allow you to swim upstream in the deals you pursue.Our generous compensation plan, unlike any in the industry, is built on the success of industry professionals that preceded you in joining the Streamline Payments family. When it comes to equipment, termination fees or conversion costs, we look for ways to tear down barriers to maximize your portfolio’s potential. If it makes good business sense, we will invest what it takes to acquire a long term merchant customer.Founded by experienced industry and finance executives, Streamline Payments has invested millions in people who believe in focusing on the card processing business instead of the equipment leasing or undisclosed fees business. If you’re interested in building relationships and growing your residual stream, not a faceless corporation’s assets, then Streamline Payments is for you.

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