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Is EMV a safer technology for processing payments?
Yes! Often referred to as Chip Card technology, EMV was jointly developed in the mid 90’s by Europay, Mastercard and Visa. It has become the world standard for face-to-face credit and debit transactions. The chip-enabled card dramatically increases the security of the transaction at the point of sale.

Why do I need new technology?
After October 1, 2015, the card brands will shift the counterfeit card liability from the card issuing bank to any merchant not utilizing EMV technology. All retail merchants need to upgrade their equipment to avoid this exposure.

Can I use phone lines to process or do I need to use my internet connection?
While it’s possible to use phone lines, the transactions are considerably slower and can also cause the terminal to time out. It is highly recommended to utilize the internet when processing EMV transactions!

Can my EMV terminal process a magnetic stripe card?
Yes, all EMV terminals used by Streamline Payments will also have a magnetic stripe reader. In addition, all cards in the foreseeable future will be issued with both a chip on the front and the magnetic stripe on the back.

Does EMV affect my “card not present” business?
No. Card not present transactions are currently not in the scope of EMV.

Does EMV change my pricing?
No, EMV has no effect on your pricing or interchange qualifications.  Streamline Payments will continue to be your low cost provider that protects your rates.

Does Streamline Payments offer terminals that are EMV ready?
Yes! We have full line to fit any need. We offer easy payment plans from a one-time payment to 5 monthly payments or a 48-month lease.

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